Joyce Ho

Joyce is the Head Instructor of studiOMG HK.

Joyce has always had a passion for sports and fitness. She took her first yoga class in 2004 and since then, she has been exploring deeper and deeper into the yogic journey. Her yoga class focuses on proper alignment, non-judgmental and just having fun.

In 2009, Joyce found a new love for aerial fitness ie. Pole Fitness. Instead of the gym, she fell in love with the sport within minutes.

Joyce is enjoying spreading words about how beneficial aerial fitness is to the entire body. She will push you to reach those goals you want to achieve. She will help you overcome your fears and be a confident, happy aerial student.

● 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Limbs (2010)     

● Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Limbs (2010)
● Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Kidzyoga (2010)

● Mat Pilates Teacher Training, Iso Fit (2010)
● Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates Station (2013)

● Infant Massage Teacher Training, IAIM, Matilda International Hospital (2018)


Aerial Hoop Teacher Training, Spin City (2013)

● Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor Teacher Training, Discoveries Dance (2014)

● XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training (2016)
● Judge, Pole Championship Series Asia, Arnold Classic Asia (2016)

● Judge, HK China International Dance & Pole Competition (2016)

● XPERT Aerial Hoop Teacher Training (2017)


Ruby Cheng

Ruby has always been passionate about dancing since her young age. She has been trained in different kinds of dance forms such as rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, pop jazz, belly dance and Bollywood etc.

Ruby came across her 1st pole art class in 2012 and fell in love with it instantly. She loves teaching beginners as it is important to help students develop a strong foundation. She also likes to create a fun and safe environment where students can learn pole techniques as well as finding their own style.

Basic Pole Fitness Teacher Training by Joyce Ho, studiOMG HK (2016)
● XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training (2016)
● XPERT Aerial Hoop Teacher Training (2017)


Jade Mak

Jade is a passionate and energized dance instructor that practices discipline in continuous self-development and student progression. She is always approachable and portrays patience, while still commanding respect and commitment. 

She enjoys various styles of dance, both teaching and for self-interest. Jade enjoys adding in a contemporary touch to performances and encourages others to explore and experience new moves and self-expression. 

● XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training (2016)